Release of Dynare 4.1.2

This is a bugfix release.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Windows and Mac packages are already available. Linux packages (for Debian and Ubuntu) should follow soon.

Here is an incomplete list of the changes since release 4.1.1:

  • Fixed bug at order 3
  • Various bug fixes in Kalman filter
  • Added a new “examples” subdirectory
  • Eliminated bogus imaginary NaN for infinite generalized eigenvalues
  • Fixed MOD file examples in the user guide
  • Fixed option “mode_compute=6” of “estimation” under Octave
  • Fixed bug with exogenous with leads or lags in a stochastic context
  • Fixed bug with “osr” when there are auxiliary variables
  • Macro-processor: integer ranges with lower bound greater than upper bound are now empty (for consistency with MATLAB)
  • “normcdf” now works with “bytecode” option (except under MATLAB/Win64)