Release of Dynare 4.1.3

This is a bugfix release.

All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Windows packages are already available. Mac and Linux packages (for Debian and Ubuntu) should follow soon.

Here is an incomplete list of the changes since release 4.1.2:

  • fixed third order approximation (was crashing or potentially wrong on some models)
  • fixed “check” command in deterministic setup

  • fixed covariance elements of “optim_weights” (used with “osr”)

  • in a stochastic setup, model local variables are no longer replaced by their expression in the static/dynamic M/C files (was resulting in huge output if there were a lot of such variables)

  • fixed “EXPECTATION” operator with a lag (was making “stoch_simul” crash)
  • fixed the “histval” block in the presence of auxiliary variables (i.e. when there are lags of two or more)

  • fixed preprocessor crashes when the mean or stderr of an estimated parameter with beta PDF is specified as an expression instead of a plain value
  • fixed deterministic simulation with block decomposition when there is a purely backward or purely forward block of more than one equation
  • fixed “STEADY_STATE” operator in conjunction with “use_dll” option or with “block” without “bytecode”

  • fixed preprocessor crashes when some dynamic variables appear only in unused model local variables
  • fixed output of “stoch_simul” in the presence of non-stationary variables, and when selecting only a subset of variables for the output (the “NaN”s in the “mean” column were wrongly placed)