What is a code sprint ?

See this Wikipedia article for a generic definition.

The main ingredients are:

Live coordination

There is no need to meet physically during a code sprint. Coordination will be done using Internet Relay Chat (iRC).

The channel for Dynare sprints is #dynare on the OFTC network (server irc.oftc.net).

You have to install an iRC client, for example:

Then you need to choose a nickname, select a server from the OFTC network, and join the #dynare channel.

First Dynare code sprint

The first Dynare sprint will take place on Friday April 20th, between 10am and 18pm (Paris time).

The objective is to close as many Trac tickets as possible, in preparation for the 4.3 release. Many tickets are relatively easy to fix. Frequently the main blocker is that a collective decision needs to be made.

When you start working on a ticket, make sure that you own the ticket in Trac, and announce your intention on the iRC channel (in order to avoid duplicate work).

List of suggested tickets to work on during the sprint: [TO BE ADDED]

Ideas for other code sprints

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