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This page documents new or previously undocumented features. It is mostly for internal use by Dynare developers. Users should rather read the Release Notes.

New in Dynare unstable (to be released as 4.5)

New in Dynare 4.4

New in Dynare 4.3

New in Dynare 4.2

New in Dynare 4.1

var alpha;
parameters beta;
change_type(parameters) alpha;
change_type(var) beta;

Note that the type (parameters, var or varexo) change applies to the whole MOD file. This command is mainly useful when symbol declarations are taken from an included file, and you want to change the types of some variables (for example for "variable flipping"). This feature should not be used for dynamic simulations.

@#define x = [ 1 3 5 ]
@#if 3 in x

New in Dynare 4.0


Dynare functions

Octave support (free alternative to Matlab)

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